Re-Pairing: Healing Disturbing and Traumatic Relationship Memories, CC 3/30

Saturday, March 30 | 1:00pm - 5:00pm

San Francisco Zen Center
Buddha Hall

With David Bullard and Shinchi Linda Galijan

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“Emotionally we have many problems, but these problems are not actual problems; they are something created; they are problems pointed out by our self-centered ideas or views.” ―Shunryu Suzuki

In aspiring to Suzuki Roshi’s wisdom, we sometimes encounter memories of relational trauma that feel overwhelming. We can also be triggered into anxiety and anger when attempting sensitive conversations with those we love. This four-hour workshop will explore recent advances in our understandings of trauma and its treatment, including new therapeutic processes that involve no conscious experiencing of the traumatic memory. Participants will have the opportunity to experience these approaches as modified into a simple, rapid and effective healing visualization. When traumatic memories are re-experienced as being in the past, we can more easily embrace Suzuki Roshi’s wish: “enjoy your problems,” and see that “the world is its own magic.”