Re-Pairing: SERES - Sociedade de Equilibrio do Estresse e Resiliência

Re-Pairing: Embracing the Disappointments of Intimacy

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Time & Place

09 de Abril de 2011– Sábado Horário das 9:00 às 17:00 Sao Paolo, Brazil

10 de Abril de 2011– Domingo Horário das 9:00 às 12:30 Sao Paolo, Brazil

Associação Brasileira do TraumaRe-Pairing: SERES - Sociedade de Equilibrio do Estresse e Resiliência

A Associação Brasileira do Trauma em parceria com a SERES - Sociedade de Equilíbrio do Estresse e Resiliência convida todos os participantes da comunidade da ABT para mais um importante evento que recomendamos em nosso programa de Educação Continuada

Re-Pairing: Ajudando Casais a Manter Conversas Relevantes após Tempos Difíceis

Dr. David Bullard apresenta e ensina seu trabalho desenvolvido internacionalmente

Participação de Carol Chammah

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Re-PairingDisappointments, arguments, and fights, feeling misunderstood and distant from one another, getting or giving the “silent treatment” – even long-practicing Buddhists can find these dynamics woven into interactions with even the family and friends we love and care for the most.

Embracing the humility and freedom of beginner’s mind, we will discuss specific concepts of Buddhist psychology that can help us break through the impasses often experienced in emotionally-close relationships.

We can learn to benefit from the inevitable challenges of intimacy rather than fear or avoid them, finding meaningful ways to “re-pair” and connect deeply again with our significant others, all while finding a greater understanding of Self/Non-Self and Other/Non-Other and deepening our wisdom and compassion.

“Re-pairing” represents my 30+ years of experience working with couples and my interest in Buddhist psychology. Buddhists, pre-Buddhists, therapists and non-ist people are all welcome.


David Bullard, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist and Marital and Family Therapist based in San Francisco, where he has a private practice and is Clinical Professor of Medicine and Clinical Professor of Medical Psychology (Psychiatry) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Recent workshops by David have been for the Institute for Health & Healing, California Pacific Medical Center; the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco; and the San Francisco Psychological Association. Three upcoming workshops will be held April 4- 9, 2011, at SERES - Sociedade de Equilibrio do Estresse e Resiliência in Sao Paulo. He is currently conducting a series of interviews with Buddhist scholars, therapists and practitioners in relation to the interface between western psychotherapy and Buddhist psychology. The first such interview, with Mark Epstein, is available online at For more information, please visit